JAG Outcome

JAG Nevada Works

These reports show the latest outcomes for JAG Nevada students.

Click here to download the JAG Nevada State Outcomes.

JAG Nevada provides statewide service and has fifty-four programs in twelve Nevada School Districts.

JAG Nevada has grown in three years from serving 208 students in 2013-14 to serving over 2,500 students in 2016-17.

JAG Nevada graduation rate was 83% after 12 months of follow-up for the Class of 2015. The class of 2016 graduation rate is 78%, but five months of follow up remain and we expect the graduation rate to get to the 83% or higher by the end of the follow-up period.

JAG Nevada Civilian and Military job placement rates exceed 60% after 12 months of follow up.

The percent of graduates in full-time jobs has consistently remained in the mid sixty percent range, and is expected to rise over time.

Positive outcomes will approach or exceed 80% after twelve months of follow-up.

JAG Nevada is a very economical investment in light of outcomes as illustrated in the chart below.