Bonanza High School

Class of 2017

Kenyon has had made great changes over the last year as a JAG student. He will graduate this upcoming June and start begin a great apprenticeship program. Before joining JAG, Kenyon was one of the worst students in school. He hardly went to class, was in trouble just about every week because of his bad attitude, and he just did not care about grades and school. Over his first six semesters in high school, Kenyon managed to do just enough to pass his classes. “I didn’t care, I had like a 1.5 GPA, and I just wanted to do just enough to get my credits, that all”, stated Kenyon. “School was boring, and I didn’t like it”.

Kenyon entered the summer of 2016 on a mission, he wanted to be in JAG program and he wanted to play football as a senior, but he had an issue with his grades. He had ended the 11th grade with 1.66, and the only way he could play was to go to summer school and change an F to an A in Algebra II, of all subjects. Not only did he get an A in summer school, he also made the football team. In his first and only year of playing football, Kenyon made first team All-Sunset League as a Defensive End and was invited to play in the Senior Lion’s All Star Game. “This past year in JAG has help me to focus and mature. It gave me a place to channel my energy in a positive direction. I learned that if I put my mind to it, I could do it. If it wasn’t for JAG and Mr. Lee, I think I wouldn’t of had such a great senior year”.

Kenyon ended his last two semester of High School with a GPA of 3.5, and now is looking forward to starting an apprenticeship program with the Sheet Mental Union this summer. “I want to thank the JAG program for shedding some light on my bright future!”